The Soggy Pants Caper!

fire_sprinklerSherry paced the floor, she stopped for a moment and looked at her watch. ‘She is late again’ Sherry thought. “Teenagers these days just don’t take their responsibilities seriously”, She said under her breath. *Ding dong* that’s the doorbell as she looked at her watch, pulling open the door. “You’re late Chelsey.” Chelsey responded, “Yea I know my mom took forever in the…..” Sherry didn’t let her finish before rattling off instructions. Chelsey looked up at her squinting, her eyes still adjusting to the darkened room. Chelsey was an odd looking girl. Her hair always was a little unkempt, tall and lanky, ‘No worry with boys coming over’ thought Sherry a bit relived. She loved children, and Sherry could trust she would take good care of her boy, it that she was thankful. “Hank isn’t up from his nap yet”, Sherry snapped, bottles are in the fridge, emergency contacts by the phone…..I be back at 4!” Sherry rattled off more directions as she ran for the door.

She just couldn’t be late, the bank would close soon and she needed make this deposit before signing the papers at 3:00. This would be the perfect retirement home for her parents. They would arrive today. Their flight would be here at six. She had been trying to talk them into this move for years. The moving truck would arrive on Monday!

Opening the car door she slid into the seat putting her seat belt on. She turned the key and the engine rumbled a bit and started. Backing quickly out of the driveway she was off to the bank. Looking at her watch again it was 2:20. ‘Traffic was bumper to bumper of course,’ She grumbled under her breath, “this should have been a five minute drive”.  Agitated she felt relieved as she pulled up to the bank.

It was now 2:35 looking at her watch again. ‘Just enough time to make this deposit, and get to the lawyer just down the street’ as she walked through the door of the bank.

“What!? What’s going on?” said Sherry out loud. She was horrified as she saw people laying on the floor. A man screamed at her to get down on the floor. ‘Oh my God’ thought Sherry ‘it’s a bank robbery!’ The man had a mask on and was holding the bank manager at gun point. They slowly walked to the front door. The manager, an older man, tried to lock the front doors as he fumbled with his keys. Sherry’s cell phone started to ring. ”Whose cell phone is that?” the man yelled and cursed. He took his gun and aimed for the ceiling. A shot rang out and some of the people on the floor started to scream. Ceiling tile fell to the floor and the sprinkler system went off. The man yelled for the bank manager to let him out. The sprinklers had drenched him.  With money in hand he ran around the corner of the bank with a water trail behind him. His accomplice was waiting for him in the car.

It was utter chaos as everyone got to their feet, some were crying. Everyone was sopping wet from the sprinkler system. Someone was able to turn off the sprinklers. The bank manager was yelling for everyone to stay calm the police were on their way. Sherry’s cell phone rang again, it was the lawyer. She quickly answered it and told the attorney what had just happened. Much to her relief he said he would wait for her.

The bank manager told the news that it was a fluke that the sprinklers went off. The newscaster, said the bank robbers were caught 15 minutes later as they went into a store sopping wet in order to get dry clothes for one of the men. The store manager thought it was odd and called the police. They called this the soggy pants caper. Sherry smiled as she watched the news. Her parents were asleep in the next room. Sherry was safely home, ‘God was watching over her that day just as He did everyday’ She thought, as she drifted off to sleep.

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